Beautiful Conservatory With Bi-Folding Doors

This Livin conservatory with bi-fold doors is a truly multi-functional home extension. This modern crossover between a conservatory and extension is a must have, luxury space where you can sit and relax with a great outside view.

What Is It?

Is it a conservatory? An Orangery? A dining Room? A Living Room? Or a Garden Room?

It’s all of these. We can help you by designing a room that can change its use in the seasons. This conservatory is a Garden Room in the summer.

With the Bi-Folding Doors open and the BBQ alights it acts a veranda if the weather is inclement (Got used a lot this year).

In the winter the dining room table comes out of the dining room and can be extended to seat eight in the conservatory ( the time of year for big family entertaining).

One of the settees goes into the dining room to make way for grandchildren and computer games and the other two face each other in the conservatory for that old fashioned means of communication called conversation.

Did we mention that this conservatory has the “Livin Room Plynth” with down lights. A real “WOW WOW WOW” factor.