Home Extensions, Southampton

Adding a new living area to your Southampton home is one of the best ways to maximise available space whilst at the same time maintaining the aesthetics and personality of your property. A home extension is much more than a mere accessory; if you so wish, it can be a fully realised addition of your existing home, and we act in compliance with all Building Regulations.

The Conservatory Village have been helping customers throughout Dorset, Hampshire and the surrounding areas find the perfect home extensions for them for over twenty years, and we’re proud to offer our services to both residential and commercial customers. Choose The Conservatory Village for your home improvement project if you want quality and efficiency.

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Home Extensions, Tailored to You

There are a number of characteristics that all customers expect from their home improvement projects. Security is integral, and eco-conscious designs are a must. However none of this should come at the cost of style, and that’s why we’re absolutely sure to provide Hampshire home extensions that are customisable in a vast number of ways.

No matter the design of your existing property, your home extensions will easily fit right in. We are proud of our ability to work with property styles of all kinds, from older traditional homes to contemporary builds. As a dedicated and qualified Ultraframe installer, we are able to provide you with market-leading products that impress every time.

Thermally Efficient Hampshire Home Extensions

Our home extensions are crafted with optimum thermal efficiency firmly in mind during the design and manufacturing processes, and we are easily capable of providing your Southampton property with home extensions that act with the same level of energy efficiency as the rest of your home. Our products are more than able to allow you all of the benefits of modern double glazing.

By utilising state of the art vacuum sealing technology in all areas of your new home extension, we are able to drastically reduce the amount of heat lost to the outdoors. This is then combined with fantastic weather-proofing technology and anti-draught sealing which prevents the penetration of cold into your property, reducing your reliance on heating and therefore your energy bills.

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Professional Installation of Home Extensions

We are proud to work with some of the best installation teams currently operating in Southampton, Hampshire and beyond. Each member of these groups is explicitly qualified in all relevant areas of the home improvement market, with awards and recommendations from accredited institutions that ascertain the quality of their knowledgebase.

We then make sure that each of these qualified personnel is experienced at installing products out in the field. Because of this, our teams are able to offer consumers the best of both worlds; your home extensions will be installed by professional and qualified teams that are well-versed in product-knowledge and customer service.

Incredibly Secure Dorset Home Extensions

Security is key when it comes to your Hampshire property, and we make absolutely sure that each and every one of our home extensions is designed with optimum safety in mind from the initial concept stages to the installation process. We’ll be sure to craft a product that is just as durable as the main body of your property, so you can relax just as easy in your new home extensions.

One of the ways that we ascertain this level of security is by utilising the latest manufacturing techniques to protect each entry point on your new home extensions. Every window and door will be imbued with an incredibly sturdy profile that can be surrounded by a wealth of intricate Yale locking mechanisms along with powerful hinges designed to keep out unwanted visitors.

Beautifully Designed Home Extensions

We are incredibly proud of the stylistic designs we have on offer for Southampton customers when it comes to the perfect home extensions. An extension can be the perfect way to open up any home by making use of additional space, and depending on the style in question you can emphasise increased usage of space, natural light and sight-lines.

On top of the natural positive qualities of home extensions, you will also benefit by choosing The Conservatory Village for your home improvement project thanks to the vast wealth of customisation options we have on offer, from attractive finishes to exciting colours. A host of hardware modifications means you get a bespoke product just for you.

Home Extensions Prices, Southampton

If you think that The Conservatory Village are the right home improvement specialist for the job when it comes to your building project, then be sure to let us know by filling out our online contact form. One of our experts in double glazing will be more than happy to help you by answering any questions that you might have.

You are also more than welcome to utilise our online quoting engine to find fantastic prices on home extensions in Southampton. This great little tool is by far the fastest and most efficient way for you to find a bespoke price that’s specific to your exact home extensions requirements. Contact our fantastic team of experts today!