Beautiful LivinRoof Conservatory Upgrade

The Ultraframe “Livin Room” can and has been fitted to some of our customers’ existing conservatories. The pictures show a before and after view of two.

The “Livin Room” upgrade is, depending on how far you want to go with it can be relatively simple and not as costly and one would imagine.

All our conservatories are constructed using the latest and most efficient thermal glass available but the “Livin Room” plinth adds to that efficiency and gives the room an “Orangery Look” to it.

Customer Background

In these photos the customer’s existing roof was an Ultraframe product which required immediate remedial work as unfortunately, it had been fitted poorly by an unknown builder.

After being invited into the property we could see that there was very little living space and because of planning restriction on the property they could not extend the property further.

Glass and Roof Replacement

The problem our customer had was the usual “Too hot- Too Cold” problem. So we upgraded the glass from 2.7 “U” value to 1.1 “U” value.

This made the roof nearly 3 times more efficient keeping the heat in. We also fitted the “Livin Room Plynth” and insulated, again reducing the overall “U”.

To keep the heat out the glass also had a coating that reflect 60% of the heat gain (80% reduction is available) and fitted two roof vents. These roof vent are fitted with a thermostat and rain sensor so once set they will control the heat gain.

The room is still a conservatory but in simple terms the “Tog Value” has gone from 4 to 10.

This family now has added living space and a beautiful room which definitely gives the ‘WOW Factor’.